Since 1992
Southeastern Massachusetts
Fully Insured

Certified Arborist
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   * Bobcats
    * Backhoes
    * Stump Grinders
    * Bucket and Crane Trucks
    * Sprayers
    * Chippers

We can offer emergency services in difficult inaccessible areas with our state-of-the-art equipment. We achieve optimal results efficiently with a variety of machinery, crane and bucket trucks to facilitate the pruning and removal of all size trees, and a fleet of heavy duty trucks for the swift removal and installation of landscape materials.
We are a locally owned tree service and landscaping company in Southeastern Massachusetts and have been established since 1992.
The job starts when the trees are trimmed, meaning clean up is a vital part of our tree trimming service. We do our best to clean up the job so you think we weren't even there, with the exception of a few cut down trees or removed branches.
We take great pride in our work and guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction. No payment will be accepted unless you are completely satisfied. We have the personnel and equipment to help you with all your tree maintenance needs.
About Us
The protection of your home and property is our top priority.
Beaver Tree Works - a TRUSTED name in tree work.
Our Equipment
Highest safety standards
State-of-the-art climbing and rigging techniques
You may find that the quality of your tree removal job is realized by what you don't see after it is done!
We protect your beautiful greenscape and property and leave it as nice or better than when we arrived.
Our extensive experience in southern Massachusetts, has given us advantages in assessing and preventing tree damage. Many of our endangered tree can be saved. Cable & brace the tree: tree support systems can be added to increase support & stability.
Knowledge of our area particularly the south coast environment